Monday, August 26, 2013

Thanks and a Picture

Roxanne Eacker emails with photos (one below of Wilson's Phalarope near Lesser Yellowlegs, I believe) to all who were on the August club field trip (Aug. 22 post).

- Ric


Hi Ric,

I haven't had computer access until now, so I'm late in getting these to you.  These were taken on the August 17th trip to the Wastewater.  I have a couple of the Dickcissel, but they aren't really in focus.

I had a really great time and wanted to pass along my thanks to everyone there, especially Carol who graciously let me ride with her.  Everyone was really nice and so helpful.  I hope to see everyone again when my schedule permits. That was indeed a rare treat for me.

Roxanne Eacker


Ric said...

Roxanne, from the Club, you're welcome! Thanks also for the pictures. Looking forward to meeting you when we're both in town at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Your very welcome Roxanne...the wastewater area can be very overwhelming at first.