Thursday, July 3, 2014

Morning on the Wastewater Grasslands

A few early morning hours on the Wastewater fields south of Apple Ave. produced 37 species today.  No pheasants anymore, but two Upland Sandpipers called for several minutes, a Black-billed Cuckoo sang for a full hour from the trees near the abandoned barn west of the model airport, and a number of grassland birds vocalized along Seba north of Laketon.

Four Song Sparrows here and there,

seven Grasshopper Sparrows at various locations,

a couple of Field Sparrows,

a couple of Dickcissels,

and a pair of sparrows (Field & Grasshopper) foraging together for awhile.

I may have heard one Vesper Sparrow but didn't count it and was unaware of any Savannah's.

A wayward mole wandering on Laketon panicked when he heard my car, zig-zagged blindly on the gravel until he finally found the shoulder, then dug himself safely into the dirt in five seconds!

An Eastern Wood-pewee sang from the edge of the woods between the Clay Pond and the abandoned orchard.

This Monarch Butterfly was on the field east of the orchard north of the silo.

- Ric

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Travis said...

We are going to have to start calling you a photographer pretty soon. These are great Ric.