Saturday, March 10, 2018

Quiet Morning East of Muskegon

With visions of longspurs in my head (Ken's report below), I drove around some farmland east of Ravenna this morning before heading to the Wastewater.  Very little bird life out there; a Wild Turkey, some Killdeer, etc., but no longspurs.

I counted 19 bird species at the Wastewater, nothing remarkable.  An American Tree Sparrow, a few Song Sparrrows and three Horned Larks on the southside.  No shrike.

I'm guessing this piece of equipment on the southside
has to do with windmills?

A male Belted Kingfisher was on the landfill fence by the East Lagoon and this male Hooded Merganser (and a pair of Common Mergansers) were far down the White Road ditch east of Swanson.  Two visiting birders said they'd had Eastern Meadowlarks in the cells between White and the West Lagoon this morning.

- Ric

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