Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Golden Eagles, Horned Grebe, Etc. Tuesday

Josh Kamp reports: "I went and saw 'the' Golden Eagle yesterday afternoon. It was soaring over a rather broad area in the general vicinity of the Swanson/Laketon intersection. However, looking at Rick's photos from Saturday's bird, it is apparent that the bird I saw yesterday is another one. The one I saw was a first year bird with the full white tail-band top and bottom, a feature notably absent in Rick's take-off shot. Nothing groundbreaking but just some FYI."

Rick Hamlin says: "I went to the Wastewater March 22 before the rain started and saw several new birds.  Here are some of the best photos."

From which I've posted the Golden Eagle, Northern Shovelers, American Coot, Common Mergansers and Horned Grebe below.

- Ric

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