Monday, March 7, 2011

More Owl Photos from Sunday

Susie Hughes (referred to as "Sooze" by Mike Boston below) sends this picture of two Short-eared Owls at the Wastewater yesterday ...

... and Dan Lockard sends us three more of the Short-eared's and one of a Great Horned Owl on its nest.



Anonymous said...

picts by Dan Lockard

Ric said...

In answer to Anonymous, thanks for the photo correction. In answer to others regarding the Great Horned Owl nest location, if Dan wants to reveal it to people he knows, that's fine. In this case I don't know the location of the nest. If I did, I would tell people who I know personally if they asked me, but I wouldn't post it on the blog. It's good that this topic came up because it lets all of us think about what we will and will not post. Quite frankly, I've had qualms about how precise we've been in posting the location of the short-eared's. It's not as if this site gets hit like Facebook, but the principal is the same; kerzillions of people can see whatever we post with one click of a mouse button. If I sound like an old school teacher, I have an excuse. ;-) Other comments welcome, here or via email.