Sunday, March 6, 2011

Short-eared Owls at the Wastewater

This well camouflaged Short-eared Owl and two others were at the intersection of Laketon Ave. and Swanson Rd. today (March 6). Thanks to "SOOZE" for pointing them out to me.

Mike Boston

- - - - -

My wife and I saw three of these (photo below) Short-eared owls in the usual location at the Wastewater today. We also saw two different Great Blue Herons, about 20 deer, 2 muskrats, a mink, the Ross/Snow Goose and about a gazillion Canada Geese.

Rick Hamlin



H&H Photos said...

It is great to see these owls back!

Rick Hamlin

Mike VanderStelt said...

The 2nd shot is certainly a Short-eared --- BUT, the first one --- you're not fooling me at all, ---- it's a Coconut :)
Mike VanderStelt