Saturday, March 5, 2011

See New eBirds Application

Thanks to Caleb Putnam for information and directions for adding an "eBird gadget" to this webpage. I'm still tweaking it, but it's workable in the left column.  Some of you might find this valuable, especially if you're unfamiliar with Muskegon area birding locations. 

For the time being use the "pull bar" on the right side of the gadget to see the rest of the bird species and the "pull bar" at the bottom to see the date and time of the sighting.  The sightings are set for the last 7 days, but that can be changed.

Be aware that when you click "map", the map will appear in a new browser window and that it only shows the general area of the sighting.  For example, Rick Hamlin's shrike sighting above occurred one mile south of Apple Ave. approximately 1.5-mile south-southeast of the "A"-pin on the map.  The pin's location (on the center dike between the big east and west lagoons) just indicates an approximate center to the Wastewater properties.  Unless you zoom in on the map, "Laketon" isn't even labeled, and then only east and west of the Wastewater properties.  The section of Laketon Rick describes is not shown on the map.

- Ric

PS:  A brief walk around the Muskegon Lake Nature Preserve this morning provided 18 species including three new "Year Birds": Red-winged Blackbird (a few males singing), Cooper's Hawk (1 large juvenile) and Song Sparrow (2 at the feeders).  Carol Cooper was there to provide the given names for several of the birds and squirrels!

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Anonymous said...

Ric- It looks great! Happy to see this feature here. Hopefully all of your members will increase their contributions of birding checklists to eBird. It's very simple: count everything you see, don't exclude any species from your checklist (including House Sparrows, Cowbirds, and Pigeons), and then submit your data. eBird sightings populate a database acecssible by birders (like in the sidebar), landmanagers (via the Avian Knowledge Network), and are used by Cornell to produce incredible analyses such as this one for Swainson's Hawk
Not only this, it is a free listing software to boot.