Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Harlequin Duck

The female Harlequin Duck was still present at Pere Marquette Park Wednesday evening, March 30th. There were also Long-tailed Ducks and a White-winged Scoter in the area. I didn't see any Black Scoters.

Mike Boston


Anonymous said...

Did you by any chance see any male long-tailed ducks close to shore, or was it all females? Thanks!

Mike Boston said...

One male working the same area as the Harlequin Duck and at least two females right up close to the breakwall.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike, really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...


One last thing do you know if the mail long-tail was in breeding plumage (had an actual long-tail).

Was thinking of try to sit on the jetty and hopefully get one passing by me for a photo. I am really interested in the tail being in good shape though (i.e. long-tail clean plumage).


Mike Boston said...

I took a couple of pictures of it. I didn't see a long tail, it might have had one but maybe it was obscured by wave action. I was mainly looking for the Harlequin, which was a lifer for me.

Anonymous said...

The female harlequin is still there and closer then ever! She was on the south side very near the beach today, associating with a white-winged scoter. Also many beautifully plumaged Horned Grebes as well!